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cheeseFrom hors d’oeuvres to desserts, there is one ingredient that almost always makes the cut: cheese. But although the whole world shares a mutual love for cheese, not everyone knows their way around it.

There are thousands of variants of cheese. Each country has its own unique type with different variants. This is due to the diversity in ingredients you can use to make one. For starters, you can use different types of milk, such as cow’s, goat’s, and sheep’s. Add the variety of processes you can use to make cheese. Put simply, the cheese making process opens virtually infinite possibilities.

Nonetheless, you have to know at least the popular types, especially in terms of nutrition. According to Hatch & Co., these are the basic cheese types that every food lover should be familiar with:


Cheddar is a favourite around the world, mainly because of its accessibility and texture. It’s rich in calcium and zinc, although it does have high fat content, too.

Cream cheese

When you want to go somewhere on the unhealthy route, cream cheese is the way to go. It is nearly 50% fat with minimal calcium content. On the plus side, it has a distinct taste many have come to love.


Edam cheese features high calcium content with a medium amount of fat, but it’s also high in salt. For this reason, doctors advise against consuming Edam when you have hypertension.


Feta is perhaps the most popular cheese made of sheep’s milk. It’s pretty low on calories and has high calcium. Like the Edam, however, feta cheese is high in salt. A 30 gram portion already takes a fifth of the daily salt intake women need.

Goat cheese

Although calcium and zinc are nearly non-existent in goat cheese, it makes up for it with its low calorie content and high amount of vitamin D.


Pizza, anyone? The favourite pizza cheese has a decent amount of calcium, although it has quite an amount of unhealthy saturates.


Parmesan cheese makes pasta dishes shine. Despite the high salt content, it is an excellent source of calcium and zinc.


Ricotta is also quite popular. The good thing about this cheese is that it is quite healthy. It’s low in salt and fat whilst maintaining a decent amount of calcium.


High in calories and folic acid while low in calcium – that is the blue-veined cheese that is Stilton. Pregnant women, however, shouldn’t consume this because of its listeria risk.


Apart from its taste, what’s great in Swiss cheese is its nutritional value. The cheese is high in protein, zinc, and minerals, thus making it a healthy choice for any dish.

It’s easier to stay healthy when you know what you eat. In the case of cheese, you need to know the nutritional value of each type to watch your diet.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using...

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property ownerThe rights to manage a property can be exercised for any reason. Absentee landlords, owners not following regulations, poor maintenance, high maintenance and service cost, could be some of the causes. A number of leaseholders are turning to right to manage, as their concerns are not properly addressed by the landlords.

According to, selling the Gold Coast management rights of the property can be possibly sold by the leaseholders if they ask the landlord or the developer. This is possible through the Right to Manage Company (RTM). The RTM is a legal process in Gold Coast that the leaseholders can initiate to take control of, to manage the block.

In some cases, the absentee owners themselves can sell the managing rights to an RTM company. Some of the advantages are that the leaseholders are in control.

  • All leaseholders have the right to enrol as members of the RTM company. Each of the members has the same voting powers.
  • They become responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the complex.
  • Even if only half the number of leaseholders is willing, the RTM process can be initialed.
  • The control of the property can proceed without purchasing the freehold.
  • The leaseholders can then make decisions on significant financial matters through the RTM company, including insurance and awarding of contracts.
  • The RTM company can cancel all contracts or service costs that they feel is unreasonably high.
  • The leaseholder does not have to compensate the landlord for getting the RTM.
  • If they feel that any contractor is paying a high commission to the landlord for a particular job, the leaseholders can terminate such contracts.

Subcontract the management

The RTM company will require funds to manage initially till the service funds are transferred in. They can choose to manage the complex by themselves. But, if its directors are not experts and do not have the time, they usually outsource the managing tasks of the building to a competent and qualified professional. These professionals will manage the property in accordance with the law and legal code of conduct.

Either way, by acquiring the right to manage, the leaseholders have to shoulder the responsibility of making budgets and future plans. Although they now have the freedom and right to take care of the property, they have to make sure that all decisions are taken by consensus of all its members.

As they live there, they will ensure that the property is managed well and does not become run down.

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Away with the Pain: Consulting...

Aug 14, 2014 by

Sprained ankle is the result of over stretching your ankle ligaments. It is the result of a pull, partial tear or rupture of any one ligament of the ankle joint and is different from a ligament sprain.

A physiotherapist aims at treating your injury, relieving you of the pain and controlling any inflammation through physiotherapy.
According to A & I Physio Rehab Clinic, physiotherapy treatments for ankle sprain or injury involve the following:

• The sprains vary from mild twisted ankle or rolled ankle or complete ligament ruptures or a vulsion fractures, depending on the severity of the sprain. An ankle injury is when the higher ankle ligaments just above the ankle joint are injured.

• Sprained ankles increase your chances and risks of a re-injury in about 40 to 70% of the cases. This is probably one of the major reasons a proper post-injury rehabilitation exercise is a must.

• The role of a reliable physiotherapist is vital for recovery. Physiotherapists aim at effectively treating your sprained ankle through a well-planned post-injury rehabilitation.

• A good physiotherapist helps you by strengthening your ankle and calf muscles, restoring joint proprioception and balance, restoring the normal function, speed and agility.

• Physiotherapy speeds up your healing process by making sure you get the optimum outcome to reduce the likelihood of an injury recurrence.

• Your physiotherapist’s treatment may consist of soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, dry needling and electrotherapy by employing ultrasound, among others.

• Your physiotherapist may also give you some anti-inflammatory advice or use of crutches, ankle taping or bracing and ice or heat treatments.

• Many physiotherapists also believe that early stretching while recovering from an ankle sprain or injury is the first step towards a rehabilitation physiotherapy process. After a period of rest because of the injury, the muscles around the ankle become tight and shortened. Stretching helps you avoid this problem.

• Physiotherapy offers exercises to improve your muscle flexibility, balance and strength. Your physiotherapist is also the right person to offer proper footwear advice, any necessary biochemical correction and prescribe orthotics when required. Seeking their expert help and guidance is always recommended.

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The Finest Sources for Used Tr...

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We all know that there are a few things to remember before buying an old motor vehicle. You have to be certain of the make and model, for one. On top of this, you have to be aware of the different specifications of cars and trucks.

But the real challenge lies in finding the right vehicle for you. The first truck you see may not cut it in terms of raw engine power. Safety features are also a concern, especially when statistics show that fatal crashes involving heavy trucks have seen an 8.5% average increase per year since 2011.

This is why you have to shop around to be aware of your options, but where exactly do you look for these vehicles? Here are a few places where you can find a suitable used truck for whatever need you have:

The auction

A good starting point is to find a truck auction. There are entities, the government included, that sell their used vehicles through this method. This place makes for a very convenient square one. For one, it’s easy to spot a great find that gives you the best value for money. Moreover, Pickles Auctions says that some auctioneers allow bidding through the Internet, which means you need not travel to the site to participate in the auction in person.

The online marketplace

There are also online marketplaces that can prove useful to your search. Some sites allow you to create alerts for the specific vehicle you want to purchase. Through this, you get instant notification in the form of an email once they acquire your truck of choice.

The local dealer

Lastly, you can make a quick trip to the local truck dealer.  You can talk to people who know everything about these trucks. You can also check their inventory and see if you can find a vehicle that suits you.

It’s not so hard to start looking for a used truck. Choose one of these methods to begin your search.

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Why Water Pump Seals Break

Aug 6, 2014 by

Every machine goes through wear and tear – and that includes your home’s and your car’s water pumps. With the many water pump problems out there, everyone needs to know a thing or two about these machines, starting with the most basic one: seal failure.

Many might wonder why this happens to pumps. The Tank Factory explains three likely reasons that caused your water pump seal to break:


Electrolysis is one of the most common reasons for seal failure. This process may cause crystallisation and filming near the face of the seal. In effect, fluids flow into the weep chamber and cause problems. Rust and calcium, in particular, often build up in the system and give the machine a mud-like consistency, which, in the long run, damages the seal.

External substances

Water pumps need cooling fluids to continue running. This is why many manufacturers around the world produce new blends of these chemicals every so often. Without proper knowledge, however, these substances can spell the doom of your pump seal. Often, technicians find high concentrations and deposits of these substances near the seal’s face. As a result, the seal fails prematurely and leads to more complicated problems with the machine.

Extreme temperatures

Every machine comes equipped with the necessary parts to keep it running even when the temperatures rise. Of course, with extended heavy use, any machine can overheat and break a few parts here and there. The same thing happens to water pumps.

High temperatures in water pumps can reach the point where the sealing faces become worn or warped. In effect, these seal faces fail to perform their job, lets fluids leak, and present machine-related problems.

When it comes to tanks and pumps, you should know how to take care of your machine. Almost everything in the world depends on water, which is why you should know everything about this matter.

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Money-Saving Pointers When Buy...

Jul 31, 2014 by

Are you planning to revamp your home in a cost effective manner? Blinds and shutters are probably one of the wisest things you should start with. Giving your home a new look is a good idea, especially if you have been living there for quite some time.

But, any redecoration effort becomes a complete waste of money if not done properly. So, you need to research thoroughly to find the best provider of blinds and shutters. Perth has some of the best selections in the business.

Here are the steps to search for the most suitable blinds and shutters for your home:

  1. Know your requirements.
  2. Count the number of windows and doors your home features.
  3. Take measurements.
  4. Decide on the type of coverings that you are looking for. Some of the materials used in window blinds are wood, plastic, plywood, transparent fibre material, metals (steel and aluminium) and fabric.
  5. The window and door shutters come with a frame that can be fixed onto the surface. They have excellent features to protect the house, making them a good addition for security.
  6. Choose the material according to your needs.
  7. If it is for decorative purpose, go for plastic or fabric ones.
  8. But, if you are looking towards increasing the security for your home, choose wooden or metal ones.
  9. Consider your budgets and then decide accordingly.
  10. Follow a fixed process when shopping. Visit multiple stores, both online and offline. Browse through the options available, read the reviews about the company from old and existing users and compare the prices between different stores and their offerings. Afterwards, decide accordingly.

Buying the right blinds and shutters is not that challenging. What is more important is to make the purchase from a reliable store. By following the pointers above, you can save a lot of money while giving your home a fresh, new look.

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Efficient Sewer and Drain Clea...

Jul 30, 2014 by

Sewers and drains form the essential components of plumbing systems for hundreds of years. The ancient Romans were the first ones to use a drainage system in their cities to provide sanitation and prevention against diseases.

Proper sewage and drainage systems have allowed many civilisations to progress by making sure that potable cleaning water is separated from wastewater. All buildings today have different forms of pipes drains and sewer lines to manage the egress of sewage from the establishment. Drain cleaning is an important component to ensure the proper maintenance of these sewage systems.

Regular Maintenance

While it is true that there are drainage systems that have never undergone any cleanup for several decades yet function without fail, most types of drains and sewer systems require some form of regular check-up and maintenance. This is to make sure they remain operational and in good condition. In the past, drain cleaning used to be a very challenging job. For instance, if there was severe blockage, the only means to fix it was to expose the pipe. Today, due to advancements in technology, locating the source of the leak or blockage and correcting it can be done without any form of digging.

Technology Involved

A lot of modern drainage and sewer cleaning equipment includes video locating gadgets, drain snake augers and the use of high-pressure water jetting to clean and unclog sections. Video locating gadgets allow service personnel to locate the exact problem within the drain with precision and the degree of repairs necessary to put it back in full operational condition. Drain snake rooters use rotating augers to splice tree roots and other causes of clogging in the sewage system. High pressure drain jetting can clear away the grease that has built up in the system to get it running again.


Many property owners and establishments often neglect to check their sewer systems until the problem becomes worse. To prevent disruption of operations, cleaning and maintenance of drains should be done regularly. Most of the problems can be resolved if detected early rather than letting it develop into a major plumbing disaster, such as burst pipes and flooding due to water backflow.

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