3 Drinking Myths and the Truth Behind them: Know Your Alcohol

Know Your Alcohol

There is only a thin line between fact and reality. When you add alcohol to the mix, that line often gets blurred quite considerably. So much so that myth becomes reality and reality sometimes becomes myth.

As much as booze is a part of people’s lives, it’s quite interesting when people consider how little they actually know about it. Lychee Lounge attests that there are actually a lot of things that people believe about alcohol that simply do not hold water.

Here are 3 myths about drinking that you probably thought were real:

1. Drinking Beer Gives you “Beer Gut”

That massive mound in your mid-section actually has nothing to do with the amount of beer you consume. Research shows that there is no connection between how much beer you drink and the size of your belly.

2. Absinthe Causes You to Hallucinate

Absinthe has always been a notorious drink among alcohol drinkers for the supposed hallucinogenic properties. The truth, though, is that absinthe’s psychoactive property (thujone) only shows up in very small trace amounts that are not enough to induce hallucinations.

3. Drinking Helps You Sleep

Some people have a habit of having a “night cap” before going to bed for a good night’s sleep. Alcohol doesn’t actually help you fall asleep. The cold reality is that even if you pass out from all the drinking, you are very much prone to waking up only a few hours later with a headache.

With so many urban myths running rampant it can be quite easy to exchange myth for fact. It pays to know what you put in your body. By knowing what certain drinks can actually do to you, you can enjoy them more without having to worry about false consequences. So enjoy your drink, but do it in moderation.

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  1. What’s the deal about the green fairy again? I tried Absinthe a few years ago and it’s really something. Not a fan but I’m telling you it’s worth a try!

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