4 Critical Centrifugal Pump Characteristics That Are A Consider

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When looking to buy a pump, you are likely to research the different types of pumps that are available in the market. The characteristics that a pump should possess include durability, efficiency, and effectiveness. Experts at Masterflow Solutions note some of the top factors to consider when looking for these desired pump characteristics in centrifugal pumps include:

1. Efficiency Rating

Pumps consume much energy and could be the reason behind a sudden spike in your utility bills. Thus, there is a critical need to consider the energy efficiency rating of a pump before deciding it is the one. Energy efficient pumps will save on energy use and minimise your operational costs.

2. Power Rating

Pumps depend on an engine or motor for the driving power. Depending on the liquid you are handling, a pump should have a high power rating to handle your load at a given time without causing problems.

3. Operating Conditions

Where from do you expect to be running your pump? You must ensure that the pump will be operating in an ideal environment. Check the humidity levels, temperature, atmospheric pressure, and altitude of the location you intend to place your pump and see whether they match the manufacturer’s specifications.

4. Liquid Properties

Your pump will be transporting liquids from one point to another. Liquid properties such as the vapour pressure, temperature, pH value, specific gravity can affect the condition of the pump. It would be best if you understood the properties of your liquid to see whether they are compatible with the material of your pump. Failure to consider the liquid properties could cause pump inefficiency and damage to the pump through corrosion.

There are many considerations when buying a pump other than knowing you need centrifugal pumps. The other considerations will affect your pump’s performance, efficiency, and durability. Therefore, take time to understand the specifications before heading out to a pump supplier.