4 Most Common House Foundation Mistakes to Avoid

a man building a house

Any mistake or error in building your house’s foundation can be a scary thought. Any foundation repairs can be costly and can pose a bit of danger to everyone living in the house as well.

There are available foundation solutions in Denver, and it’s still important to know everything that you can to prevent any significant foundation damages from occurring.

We’ve summed up all the most common mistakes that people commit that can lead to foundation cracks.

Not investing time looking for a good builder

Choose a builder that has done other projects for years. You may start by asking referrals from people that you know or even searching for a builder on the internet. Look at their portfolio and see how well they’re qualified for the job.

Poor soil excavation

Poorly excavating the soil on-site can direct water towards the house’s base, which goes directly to the foundation walls. So it’s essential to ensure that your yard is at least 10 feet so the soil slopes opposite to your house.

Badly constructed downspouts

Houses need an efficient downspout to direct the rain away from your home. A poorly constructed downspout may mean that the water will only go towards your house’s foundation and may cause it to deteriorate. You may choose to buy an extender to help direct the rainwater away from your home.

Another way is to bury a deep downspout diverter so you can drain the water and spot in your yard where it can permeate the soil.

Unmaintained plant roots

Plant roots such as those from trees and shrub can absorb the soil in your house, causing your foundation to sink unevenly. Once the ground has been dried out, drywall may crack, and both your doors and windows will move out of their frames.

You may choose to plant shrubs and other deep-rooted trees far away from your house.

These are just some of the most common mistakes that people do that can affect their home’s foundation. Knowing these mistakes will help you steer away from these common blunders and may even help you keep your house’s foundation sturdy for many years.