4 Nifty Pointers to Make DIY Moving Easier

Relocating to a new address is all sorts of difficult, from the all the paperwork to preparing yourself mentally for the big day. But the real challenge comes when you’re actually moving to your new home. Often, hiring expert movers can be too expensive or cumbersome. This is why some families choose to do the moving by themselves.

With some preparation, you can relocate on a tight budget. Here are some nifty pointers to make DIY moving easier:

Sort, keep, throw out

Changing addresses is the best time to sort which things you need to keep or toss in the bin. Anything you can replace like old furniture pieces or clothes you’ve grown out of can be discarded already. Separate them into boxes with clear labels. You can sell the stuff you will not be bringing with you or donate them to charity.

Maximise cargo space

Before you stack all your stuff in your vehicle, create a plan how to make the most of the space. Consider where to put electronics or fragile things you have, for example.

Little Green Truck shares that if you need more space, you can always rent a ute, which you can use to carry the larger, bulky items.

Rent a storage space

Often, you don’t have to move everything into your new home at once. In this case, you can rent storage space to keep some of your stuff. Shop around weeks ahead. Pick a place with adequate security features and clean storage rooms. On your moving day, coordinate with the facilities administrator so you don’t have problems unloading and storing your belongings.

Inform your family and friends

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to ask your close friends and family member to help you relocate. It’s the best time to bond with them before you settle in your new place. Plus, it helps you beat anxiety and stress associated with moving when you have a good-hearted company with you.

DIY moving can be stressful and challenging. But careful planning and with the help of your friends and family, you can make the big move easier and fun.