4 Strategies You Should be Doing to Spike-up Your SEO Campaign

SEO displayed in the monitor

A lot has changed since search engine optimization (SEO) was first introduced. Search engines have become smarter when it comes to crawling and indexing sites. What works before might no longer be effective today. This is why digital marketers have also upgraded their knowledge in the field to cope with these changes. Among the techniques they come up with are the following:

Improve Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

With Google’s RankBrain algorithm upgrade, it particularly targets websites with high clicks. The more clicks your website receives on an organic result, the higher and more credible you are. A good way to do that is to write an enticing Meta title and description. The catchier your Metadata is, the more relevant you will become to every user search.

Use Other Forms of Content

Gone are days when text-rich content is king. Today, users prefer seeing more visuals and content in other forms. Along with improving your site’s CTR, reducing your bounce rate is necessary to please the RankBrain algorithm. Luckily, as Third Stage Marketing and other Denver experts noted, most digital companies providing SEO services are aware of this preference. This is why they make the most of various types of content. Doing so could make your website look more interesting.

Utilize Your Social Media Profile

Be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or whatever social media profile there is, be sure to share your content or blog page on these platforms. It’s an effective sharing tool, which allows people to learn and get to know more about you. Besides, it gives you a sense of authority on subject matters, making people curious about your business or what you do.

Become a Relevant Source to Other Blogs

To generate an organic and natural link, you need to provide them with quality and insightful content. If bloggers and marketers find your website useful to others, they’ll likely link you as their source, which will make you more credible and reliable. This organic linking is what pushes search engines to consider you as a website with the most authority in discussing topics related to the services you’re offering. Be sure you produce blogs or write-ups that are shareable and valuable to those who will read it.

Whether you’re just starting or have been using SEO for years, these tips will certainly improve your online campaigns. Be sure to keep these things in mind to make your strategy more effective than ever.