5 Good Reasons to Have an Adult Tooth Extracted

Dentist Extracting Tooth

Adult teeth should last a lifetime. However, there come times when extracting a permanent tooth becomes necessary. Here are common reasons that necessitate the removal of an adult tooth.

1. A crowded oral cavity

Your orthodontist may not achieve the best results if your mouth is crowded. Some teeth may have to be pulled to prepare the mouth for orthodontic treatment.

Your dentist may also recommend extraction if one or more teeth can’t erupt correctly because of inadequate room in your mouth. Most patients who experience wisdom teeth pain have crowded mouths, says a top dentist in Utah. It leads to the removal of the third molars.

2. A severely damaged tooth

Dentists don’t recommend removal unless a tooth cannot be saved. Sometimes, a tooth may be extensively damaged from either cavities or trauma. It’s best to pull the tooth if the dentist cannot repair it.

3. A severe pulp infection

Dental decay or injury that extends to the center of a chopper can introduce bacteria to the pulp. If the pulp gets infected, a root canal may help stop the infection.

However, if root canal therapy or medications cannot cure the infection, the tooth may need to be pulled. Extraction will help avert the infection from extending.

4. Gum disease

Periodontal disease destroys the support structure of teeth. After the infection affects your oral tissues and bones, your teeth are likely to become loose. Loosened teeth may then need to be extracted.

5. Suppressed immune system

In patients with a compromised immune system, the probability of infection in a tooth may cause the removal of that tooth. Such extractions may be essential, for instance, when preparing for an organ transplant or getting ready for chemotherapy.

Although adult teeth can last a lifetime, having a chopper extracted in adulthood is sometimes inevitable. If your dentist recommends extraction of a permanent tooth, the removal should help safeguard your oral and general health.