5 Ways to Expand Your Home-Based Catering Business

Food catering

Food catering can be a prolific business if and when done right. This is why many first-time entrepreneurs start small. If you’re one of those who have tested the waters and has been pretty successful at it, it might be about time that you expand your home-based catering business.

Here are some ways to grow your food business:

Create packages for big groups

Most of your business may be coming from friends and family who order by request, whether it’s one or 10 trays of the same thing. To get more revenue, you may need to create different packages for different budgets. For example, you can create a sample menu package for a party of 10, 50, or 100. This way, you will be able to cater to more people — be it a simple lunch meeting at the office or a birthday party of a neighbour.

Be present in events

Instead of delivering your food or having them picked up in your home by the client, you may need to start making your service available during events. You can stick to your current menu offerings, but you will have to find good catering equipment suppliers so the presentation of your food would be visually appealing. Top Shelf Concepts and other experts explain that having a set-up at the venue would help you get more exposure.

Focus on creating specialties

Like what Gina Pace writes on Inc.com, being a Jack of all trades may not work if you want to have a competitive edge in a bigger market. You need to find your own position by focusing on a specialty, whether it’s a kind of cuisine, vegan, noodles, or whatnot.

Be aggressive with advertising

You cannot simply rely on word-of-mouth. Set a budget for advertising and promotions because this is crucial in getting new clients that are outside your reach. Maximise free or cheap digital platforms and explore more traditional ways.

Build your team

You don’t want to mess it up, so make sure you have a dedicated team. While you used to be a one-man team in your home-based business, expanding it demands greater responsibilities and more people fulfilling them. Never make the mistake of spreading yourself too thinly.

You should know by now that running a food business is hard, but if you have been managing your home-based catering quite well and feel that you’re ready for more, then do not limit yourself. Explore the potential of your business and have while you’re at it.