A Combination of Wireless and Wired Home Security Equals 360 Protection

There is but a fine line between a wired and a wireless security system, which often confuses the majority of concerned consumers.

Both methods promise to provide a turnkey solution to all safety needs. These systems may be installed in a home, an office, a facility, or even around an entire building. But, once electricity is suddenly cut off or signals become intermittent due to faulty comms, both of these systems fail at some point.

Alarm1.com suggests having both types of security measures in place. This might be the all-around solution you’re searching for. Below are some things to know about combining the two.

A Shared Sensibility

When manual security fails to cover some areas, it’s up to the automated and 24/7 security cameras, sensors, and alarms to keep the area safe. Since wired and wireless integrations have the same basic functionalities, they complement each other. There are some scenarios that show both systems at work.

Discrepancies in Wireless Systems

Discrepancies in Wired Systems

  • Water leakage on ceiling-based security measures
  • Electrical power disruption and surges
  • Limitation in the area coverage
  • Short-wiring and tripped wires

The beauty in merging these systems is their natural tendency to support each other when one experiences a difficulty.

What to Look for in Both Systems

As previously mentioned, the functionalities of the systems are almost identical. However, not all systems offer the same features.

Wireless systems should be:

  • Compact, flexible, and versatile in design
  • Concealable or even untraceable
  • Easy to operate and set up
  • Long-ranged for better placement
  • Audio and video capable
  • Remotely accessible and configurable

Wired systems should be:

  • Immune or at least resistant to signal interference
  • Secured and largely protected from hacking
  • Long-ranged with longer wiring protocols
  • Wireless adaptable
  • Both directly powered and battery-assisted

Just like most inventions, merging a technology with another creates a better product. For better security, it pays to have both!