A Guide to Using Thinning Scissors

thinning scissors in a beauty salon

Although many people are spending money on hair growth products, thick hair has its downsides. For example, it takes a long time to dry, and you have to use a lot of hair product. If your clients are having a hard time dealing with thick hair, you can encourage them to try hair-thinning scissors.

Get the Right Pair of Shears

You need the right hairstyling tools for a perfect job. Thinning scissors come in different sizes and shapes to suit different types of hair. Getting the right pair is the first step in getting a thinning job right.

Separate the Hair

Before using the shears on the hair, separate the hair using your fingers or a comb for a clear view on what you are about to do. You can begin with the fingers and then get a comb for a good definition.

Snip Upwards then Downwards

Thinning requires special attention to prevent taking out more hair than you should. Start by trimming a hair section halfway and flip the shears to snip hair in a downward motion. This technique of cutting hair will give an even look on the finished hair.

Comb through the Cutting Process

After cutting the hair say about three times, pause to comb the hair to see whether you need to continue cutting or separating sections of hair.

Recommend Thinning Sessions

After a successful thinning session, advise your client to return after a month for a repeat session for a perfect thinned look. Overdoing the process will cause uneven hair distribution.

Before you buy the hair thinning scissors for your hairdressing job, ensure that you understand how you should use the shears on your clients. Also, get your shears from a reputable supplier for quality shears.