A Sneak Peek at The House of a Secret Agent

A secret agent is one who walks in daylight but no one is aware of their existence. Oftentimes, they have aliases to cover up their real identities and personalities. Secret agents work for government agencies, corporate entities, and private organizations to collect information by spying on their targets.

Popular culture is rife with stories, movies, and TV series on the life of a secret agent. North Star Home, a provider of home security systems in the U.S., understands how surveillance and access are important to securing the safety of a home. A secret agent’s home, if they ever had one, would be likely full of these devices.

As an undercover personality, a secret agent must be a master of stealth. This means a secret agent’s house would appear as innocent as possible. Take, for example, Robert McCall, Denzel Washington’s character in the movie The Equalizer (2014), who is a retired black ops operative. In his retirement, McCall now works at a hardware store and leads a simple life. But due to certain circumstances of injustice, he finds enough reason to go against a mafia by himself.

In the film, you will be able to see how his house is bare, save for the essentials. Other than that, though, it has enough surveillance devices to ensure he is a step ahead of intruders. This is an example of what a secret agent’s house probably looks like. It has hidden cabinets with weapons, data storage devices, and items only accessible to the agent.

Another example where this is evident is in the movie, Predestination (2014), starring Ethan Hawke as a time-traveling agent with multiple identities and names such as John, Jane, or the Fizzle Bomber — which, as the movie progresses, ultimately reveals how he has no identity at all. In being a “temporal agent,” Hawke, as the protagonist, has no family or home. All he has is his time-travel device and a variety of eras where he has transitory resting places.

If you were to peruse the house of a secret agent, would you ever be able to presume it as the home of a covert operative?