Adding Space, Convenience, and Class to Your Countertops

kitchen countertop

Aside from your cabinets and cupboards, your countertops carry its fair share of space for storage. Unlike your shelves and drawers or even your refrigerator, your counters also take the bulk of your kitchen preparations. It’s, therefore, convenient to keep your countertops clutter-free. The bonus is keeping it classy and efficiently designed as well.

Connect with Color

Keep everything within one light color scheme, such as white, cream, or powdered pastels. The continuity of colors reduce borders, which give your kitchen a spacious feel. Also, these same hues brighten any area and could give your kitchen counters a cleaner and classier look. For a truly elegant appeal, invest in quartz countertops from Utah. They offer different colors while guaranteeing a durable and stylish finish to any kitchen surface.

Add Shelves Where Possible

Look at that small space between the stove and the counter, the area above the sink, and the cabinet’s side where the toaster and coffee maker can fit. Know if you can fit shelves in their gaps. These are only some of the places where you can put in open shelves, multi-layered mini-drawers, or even convenient hooks and slots. Make sure that you use your kitchen’s color scheme for all of your additions and installations, so they don’t stand out like a sore thumb.

Make Everything Multifunctional

Tables that fold into the wall, a stovetop prepping space, or pullout extension counters and drawers that can fit knives while doubling as chopping boards could go well with most multifunctional kitchen gadgets and appliances. Invest in finding the right multifunctional furnishings and electronics for your kitchen. Make sure you plan where they should be installed for better workflow and space-efficiency.

Finally, make it a habit to keep your counters clean and clear of clutter. The most practical advice for any cramped space is to keep a place for everything and keep everything in its place. Remember your countertops will reflect the feel of your whole kitchen, so keep it clean and classy.