Backyard Projects That Will Stand for Decades

a fence

Backyard projects come and go. Some started on a whim and neglected, some running their natural course, and some are tragic victims to the ever-changing elements. Backyard projects rarely last decades, but here are three that will — and with very little maintenance.

1. Aluminum Fencing

While aluminum is hardly the material you think of when you think of a fence — it is one of the best options for the modern day. DIY aluminum fence kits are readily available, and the setup is as simple as working on an ordinary wooden fence.

Maintenance is relatively low compared to wooden fences, and you won’t need to worry about rot or termite infestations. Aluminum fences also add a little bit of elegance to your backyard — without costing you an arm and a leg.

2. A Modern Stone Fire Pit

Gas-fueled fire pits produce very little smoke so don’t worry about the neighbors. You could also attach a modern stone fire pit to the gas line or fueled by propane. It is a great addition to any backyard.

Use it as a focal point when entertaining guests at parties. You can even use different colored fire stones to match the theme and the mood of your gathering.

3. Stone Benches

Whether they’re made from concrete or bricks — stone benches will make your backyard a little more interesting. Have them constructed in a circle if you have a fire pit — or have them designed with a particular theme for the kids.

Have them made in the shapes of fish, dragons, or whatever your kids like — they’ll be talking about it with their own kids in the future while sitting on the same benches. Being exposed to the elements won’t be a problem, and theft would be a rather difficult task to accomplish.

Backyard projects don’t have to be grand to last a lifetime. Soon your children — and your children’s children — will be telling stories about your little project that stood the test of time.