Barcode Tickets: The Future of Event Management?

Barcode Technology

Whether it is a fundraiser or a concert, a big event is an exciting thing that everybody wants to experience. But, have you thought about what goes behind the scenes? Any event draws tons of crowds, and with that in mind, it doesn’t take a genius to determine that it can get very unruly at any given time.

Unfortunately, you can’t always rely on a team of imposing bouncers and ushers to control a huge crowd. Tickets may not seem much, but with barcode technology, event management can become a much easier task.

Speed and Accuracy

Barcode technology has been around for decades; you’ve probably encountered them almost everywhere by now, especially in corner stores and huge shopping malls where they prove invaluable in managing the inventory. The same application is fast becoming the norm when it comes to event management as an easy way to manage your ‘inventory’ of people.

As myZone Printing notes, “Barcoded event tickets are the ultimate secure admission solution for large events using ticket scanning systems.” Applying this rather simple technology to an event’s ticketing system is very beneficial, as this means guests can get in the event area fast and trouble-free, reducing lines and congestion.

Better Tracking

One of the most appealing aspects of barcode technology is being able to keep track of your guests. Since each generated barcode is unique to each guest, this means event managers can easily keep track of the people within the event. It also comes with the added benefit of “weeding out” potential gatecrashers or preventing uninvited people from getting in.

This technology also improves ticket generation. When a guest loses their ticket on the way to the event, they really can’t do anything about it unless they want to go out of their way to buy another one, and in most cases, that isn’t possible anymore. This isn’t the case with barcoded tickets; since each code is unique to each guest, the event manager can simply regenerate the code for the same ticket.

Barcoded tickets are fast becoming the future of small and large scale events, making it a simpler and more enjoyable process for both the event manager and the guests.

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