Brisbane’s Summer Storm: Weatherproof Your Home

Just recently, Brisbane experienced fierce hailstones and over 3,000 lighting strikes. Forecasters warn people that this is just the beginning of a week-long summer storm in Queensland. Fortunately, there are no reports of injuries or damages.

It is better to be safe than sorry. Here are some ways to prepare your home for the summer storm:

Do Not Let Them in

Use storm windows and install them correctly. They have an additional layer that provides protection against low temperature. You can also add exterior shutters on your old window to avoid hailstones from breaking the glass and causing injuries.

Place door draft stoppers to keep the cold breeze or water from coming in.

Keep Them Dry

Apply waterproofing sealant or treatment on your deck’s wooden floorboards or any fixtures outside your house.

Evaluate your roofing and fix issues that may cause leaks, moulds and pest infestation. Apply weather stripping or caulk on leaky spots along your walls, doors and windows.

Safe and Warm

Install an automated thermostat that adjusts your home’s interior temperature and cuts almost half of energy costs.

Proper insulation in the attic and basement may stabilise indoor temperature and control ventilation. This will also reduce chances of moisture accumulation.

When It Strikes

Unplug all electronic circuits or turn off the main fuse to avoid getting your appliances fried. Use surge protectors or arrestors to protect your equipment from power spikes.

Install lightning rods to protect your home from catching fire, and make sure that the cable’s path for the lightning’s electricity travels to the ground. Ask help from professionals to install a lightning system for your house and its surrounding structures.

Lightning and hailstones are fascinating natural sights, but they get ugly once they hit you. Check weather forecasts for updates on the summer storm, and inform your family and friends to stay safe by protecting their homes.