Car Owner Advice: Practical Ownership and Maintenance

A car means more than just a mode of transport for many people. A vehicle is not exactly cheap; as a matter of fact, next to a house, the car may be a regular person’s most expensive purchase.

Whatever the circumstances surrounding its purchase, a car can receive some special treatment from its owner. Customisation is big business thanks to the kind of attention that drivers devote to their rides. Restoration and collection are popular too, although they can be expensive hobbies.

Whatever kind of car owner you are, you should treat your car with a fair amount of respect and care. After all, it doesn’t matter how much you paid for it, a car’s use is invaluable. So here are some pieces of advice to being a practical driver and keeping your car in good condition.

That knocking sound means something

When you drive your car off the lot or showroom, it’s not likely to show any sign of wear or damage. But a vehicle is a collection of a thousand moving solid parts and consumable liquids. Through time, the damage is inevitable. When you hear or notice something out of the ordinary, it’s time to drive your car over to mechanics in Rotorua for checking and possible repairs or replacements.

But don’t visit a shop only when you hear something, warns LRC Automotive. Find out when your car is due for an oil change or other maintenance basics, and mark those dates on a calendar. The more religiously you maintain your car, the longer it will run and serve you without problems.

Choose longevity over luxury

For the very rich, luxury tops the list. You probably won’t see Diddy or Drake driving a four-year-old Corolla. But for regular car owners like most people, longevity and practicality are a priority. Look at the lists of cars that are the most practical to own and you probably won’t need a lot more than that. If you want a luxury make and model, however, such as a BMW 7 series, be prepared to spend more for maintenance and insurance.

Cars have come a truly long way from being beasts manufactured to do work; they’ve become status symbols and indispensable partners in many aspects of people’s lives. Caring for your car is just the responsible thing to do.