Decorate a Home Around Kids But Still Have Style

Couple painting home

Kids are game changers. After getting used to married life and having a spouse around, you will need to adjust yet again as soon as the first child is born. You will even need a revamp at home to ensure that it is child-proof.

Can you decorate a household around kids and keep it stylish? Oh yes. With a little help from a few tricks, you can.

Find a Home Design Expert That’s In Sync With your Ideals

The best first step to achieve a child-friendly yet stylish home is finding an expert that would be able to execute the plan you have in mind. The professional home designers in Sarasota can turn the home layout of your dreams into reality. They take pride in hearing out their clients and use their vision as an inspiration for designing the interiors. Their commitment to every project they take is exceptional, always making sure that every intricate detail is seen through.

Working with an expert home designer with such a positive take on projects make the feat easier to achieve.

Be Hands-On

It helps if you are hands-on, from the conception to execution. You need to lay down your intents and purposes for each space so your home designers Sarasota will have a full grasp of what they need to do. Here are a few guidelines to follow:

• Keep the common rooms, especially the living room, cozy. You can add up a few accent seating that is appealing to kids like beanbags and the like.

• Keep your toy chest chic by choosing a design that will match your home style. There are a variety of storage ideas available. All you need to do is to pick one that suits your taste and your requirements.

• Stay away from dainty white fabrics as much as you can. If you are not ready to face stain disaster after another, you will be wise not to choose white, especially for the curtains, carpets, pillowcases, and others.

• Choose furniture pieces made of materials that clean up with a simple wipe down. Otherwise, you will be prone to panic attacks.

• Maintain order by choosing to keep the interiors neat. You can’t go for fancy furnishings, for now, especially those with too many crevices, crannies, holes, and nooks.

Decorating a stylish home around kids is possible if you apply those tricks.