Denture stabilisation with dental implants

Many denture wearers find that dentures tend to become loose over time, making chewing difficult or shifting around when they talk or smile. Dentures have traditionally been used as a cost-effective solution for replacing an entire arch of teeth. However, conventional dentures can feel uncomfortable, and not fully restore your ability to eat with ease.

Luckily, modern dentistry offers a solution for patients who wish to enjoy the benefits of a full set of teeth without the prohibitive cost of individual dental implants: implant-supported dentures. Under certain circumstances, dentures can be supported by dental implants, making dentures as stable and as functional as natural teeth. Denture stabilisation is offered by many dental practices including Chipping Norton Dental in Oxfordshire.

The lower cost dental implant solution

If you opt for implant-retained implants, the dentist will perform a thorough exam to determine your eligibility for dental implants, as well as examine your current denture to determine whether it can be made to fit on top dental implants.

Sometimes conventional dentures do not fit well with dental implants, therefore a dentist will recommend new dentures for improved comfort and fit. Implant-retained dentures are generally less bulky and incorporate a design that makes them more aesthetically pleasing. They also come with various clips to ensure that they are attached to the dental implants securely.

The dentist will surgically place between 2 and 4 dental implants in the upper and lower jawbone. Implant-retained dentures come with snap-on attachments, which help hold the denture firmly in place on the dental implants. While 2 dental implants are the minimum number required, you may require more than 2 for increased chewing power.

Implant-retained dentures can be removable or permanently attached to the teeth. If a patient’s jawbone has shrunk as a result of long-term use of traditional dentures, then bone grafting can help rebuild the jawbone before the dental implants are placed. This will increase the chances of a successful dental implant treatment.

Long-term benefits

Denture stabilisation means dentures become more comfortable to wear, since they won’t become loose or move around in the mouth. This will increase your ability to chew and eat properly. Moreover, you will experience less irritation and avoid sore gums.