Dig the Shindig: Organizing a Corporate Party Without the Hassle

Organizing Corporate Party

Whether you are an experienced organizer or you are just assigned to carry out the preparations, planning a corporate party can be stressful. There are many things to think about, such as food, venue and transportation. On top of these things, you will have to come up with a program to make sure that the event will be memorable.

If you’re given a small group to work with, the most effective that you can do is create sub-committees that will take care of the following. Just make sure that the theme is already planned and the schedule is plotted properly.


This committee should work on choosing the right caterers. They are in charge of attending food-tasting events. The food committee should carry out the necessary preparations a few weeks before the event to avoid problems.

General Services

The general services committee is assigned to take care of the event’s utilities, which include the venue, chairs, tables, lights, and sounds. More importantly, they’re in charge with coordinating with the security department to ensure the safety of guests.


This committee is in charge of finding vehicles for utility and guests. They should coordinate with the general services committee that takes care of the event’s utilities. When it comes to guests, they are tasked to provide them with services, which is where third party providers like michaelslimo.com can be of valuable assistance.

Program and Documentation

This committee takes care of the flow of the program. They are also in charge of sending out the invites, which should be done at least weeks prior to the event. People under this department are also tasked to conceptualize souvenirs and document the event as it happens. Normally, they work with third party providers, such as photographers, writers (for publicity), and souvenir makers.

These are only some of the things to keep in mind when organizing a corporate party. To make sure that everything flows smoothly, each department should present their timelines and goals.

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