Do You Have These Habits Ruining Your Sinus Health?

a sick man

It’s well-known that sinus problems happen due to colds or allergies. What’s not known though is that this health issue can also stem from ‘harmless’ habits. You may be putting your sinus health at risk with these routines:

1. You use nasal products

More specifically, overusing them. Yes, nasal sprays ease congestion, but you should only use it for the period recommended at the label or by your doctor. People who use nasal products for a longer time often experience severe congestion after a few days. Doctors call this condition rebound nasal congestion.

This happens because prolonged use causes nasal receptors to be reduced in numbers, which then causes nasal passages to get clogged again. Also, decongestants cause blood vessels to constrict. If there’s not enough blood supply, inflammation happens in the nasal passages.

Overuse may lead to chronic sinusitis and other serious health problems that might require sinus surgery here in Denver.

2. You love to swim

Chemicals in swimming pools like chlorine can cause irritation to nasal linings and sinuses. This is especially true if you’ve had episodes of sinus infections in the past. Swimming in the open water may also put you at risk to the health problem.

The pressure during a dive forces water into the nose, which again can irritate the sinuses. Of course, there’s no way to avoid the beach altogether so just try to limit swimming escapades when you have a cold or sinus infection. Ease the symptoms first before hitting the beach.

3. You spray perfume

How can smelling good contribute to sinus problems? It’s fairly simple. Strong odors, like your perfume, can cause coughing and irritate the nose, which then results in greater risk of the sinuses getting swollen. The best way to prevent this is to limit the use of your perfumes or go for more subtle scents.

Do note that irritating pollutants are not just fragrances. Dust and pet dander could also cause sinusitis. If you have asthma, try to stay away from environments that may have these allergens. Invest in air purifier at your home.

Sinus problems happen not just because of the common cold or allergies. These simple habits may put you at risk to the health issue as well. So, keep an eye on these routines.