Easy Maintenance Checklist to Make your Greenhouse Management Better

Interior of Greenhouse

Owning a greenhouse might tempt you into believing that the little tasks you do when tending to your crop or flowers is enough maintenance. Traditional greenhouses offer a great place to start a garden or a place to grow organic produce as they keep the plants safe from animals and pests.

Maintaining the structural integrity of your greenhouses should equally be as important as your produce. You might find yourself looking for another greenhouse sooner than you should if you neglect them. Growing Spaces offer growing domes which are easier to maintain and allows you to garden year-round with its innovative sturdy structure.

The tasks applicable to your greenhouse depends on the climate and weather you’ll be working. This simple checklist will help you maintain your greenhouse even with the ever-changing weather.

Spring Maintenance Checklist

Spring is when your plants and produce are transitioning from the dormant winter to the flourishing stage. Keep these in mind to prepare for the upcoming spring activity.

  • Remove the winter covers to let light in
  • Get rid of weeds and clean moss/algae growing on benches, shelves, and other surfaces
  • Gather up dirt and fallen leaves regularly
  • Clean the greenhouse’s glazing inside and out

Summer Maintenance Activities

The summer is a good time to fix-up your greenhouse. The weather offers a good opportunity for checking and repairing any damage to the greenhouse’s structure.

  • If your greenhouse has wood frames, it is the right time to repaint or stain
  • Inspect aluminum or iron frames for corrosion and damage. Make repairs as necessary
  • Inspect your windows and ensure that they close perfectly
  • Inspect the glazing and ensure it is properly attached to the frames. The putty and caulking should be intact. Replace all damaged glazing

General inspection of the greenhouse lets you identify problems and fix them before it is too late. Apart from just inspecting the greenhouse, pay attention to supporting equipment and appliance. Check the water pumps, irrigation systems, and air conditioning to ensure that everything is working right. They all play an integral role in keeping your greenhouse operational year in and year out.