Effective Ways to Present Your Property

Successful Home-Staging

In preparing your home for a sale, your goal is to make it appear as saleable as possible. What better way to do that than in a home-staging? Think of it as the ultimate performance of your home-selling career, which means you should prepare for it – a lot.

Urban Property Agents say that open houses offer the best opportunity to have all potential clients in the same room and let them engage in some quiet competition. Put your best foot forward and follow these easy rules.

Achieve that look of lived-in and clean

As much as you want to de-clutter completely, many clients yearn for that look of hominess and feeling of belonging. You want to sell a house where your buyers can actually imagine themselves living in. Instead of going for the minimalist look, place some fresh-picked tulips by the windowsill or drape a freshly-laundered blanket on the sofa.

Choose gender-neutral colours for the biggest rooms

The biggest rooms can be the living room or the bedrooms. When coming up with motif for these rooms, it is better to think safe – or better, think green! While other clients lean more towards the flamboyant style, some prefer earthy and quiet colours. Elements that need attention include paint, linens and furniture. You can leave strong colours like blood orange and emerald blue on the less pronounced parts of the house.

Style your dining table

The dining room is often a blind spot for many interior decorators, but did you know investing creativity and time in dining table décor can increase the overall charm of your home? It sends a message that even the simplest areas in the property can contribute to its curb appeal.

Show them how you can make use of the seeming most “useless” parts of the house

Got a spare room under the stairs? Turn into a study and show it off to your clients. It opens doors, literally and figuratively, as to the potential of your home to be multi-purpose haven.

And remember, be aggressive, but kind. Be attentive, but not desperate. Treat every part of the house like a selling point, and those potential clients will soon turn into actual clients.

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