Efficient Sewer and Drain Cleaning: How it Changed Over the Years

Building Basement Pipes

Sewers and drains form the essential components of plumbing systems for hundreds of years. The ancient Romans were the first ones to use a drainage system in their cities to provide sanitation and prevention against diseases.

Proper sewage and drainage systems have allowed many civilisations to progress by making sure that potable cleaning water is separated from wastewater. All buildings today have different forms of pipes drains and sewer lines to manage the egress of sewage from the establishment. Drain cleaning is an important component to ensure the proper maintenance of these sewage systems.

Regular Maintenance

While it is true that there are drainage systems that have never undergone any cleanup for several decades yet function without fail, most types of drains and sewer systems require some form of regular check-up and maintenance. This is to make sure they remain operational and in good condition. In the past, drain cleaning used to be a very challenging job. For instance, if there was severe blockage, the only means to fix it was to expose the pipe. Today, due to advancements in technology, locating the source of the leak or blockage and correcting it can be done without any form of digging.

Technology Involved

A lot of modern drainage and sewer cleaning equipment includes video locating gadgets, drain snake augers and the use of high-pressure water jetting to clean and unclog sections. Video locating gadgets allow service personnel to locate the exact problem within the drain with precision and the degree of repairs necessary to put it back in full operational condition. Drain snake rooters use rotating augers to splice tree roots and other causes of clogging in the sewage system. High pressure drain jetting can clear away the grease that has built up in the system to get it running again.


Many property owners and establishments often neglect to check their sewer systems until the problem becomes worse. To prevent disruption of operations, cleaning and maintenance of drains should be done regularly. Most of the problems can be resolved if detected early rather than letting it develop into a major plumbing disaster, such as burst pipes and flooding due to water backflow.

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