Ensuring Optimal Performance: Proper Storage Tank Maintenance with an AST Checklist

a green storage tank

Leaks from above ground storage tanks (AST’s) can result in damaging contamination of surrounding land and water. Codes and regulations exist that are intended communities and the environment, foremost of which advocates the importance of preventive maintenance for storage containers.

The utility of AST’s

An above ground storage tank is used to store liquid material and petroleum products. Typically, it is made of steel, high-quality tanks can stand the test of time. Nevertheless, because they are located above the ground and exposed to the elements, they need periodic checks for potential problems. State and federal regulations are in place to serve as a guide and facilitate identification of problems early on. Only a highly trained crew must be allowed to perform cleaning and maintenance of AST’s to ensure that guidelines are followed to the letter.

The importance of proper inspection and maintenance

A thorough inspection done correctly will reveal information that is relevant to the current condition of AST’s. You can prevent leaks with early detection of problems on the tank floor, valves, and floating roofs. You will not have to deal with the costly and hazardous consequences of environmental contamination if there is a regular schedule of inspection to check the piping, valves, and secondary containment. You can avoid the stress and expense that comes with major structural damage if you allot resource for tests on the efficacy of the coating and the presence of corrosion.

Ensuring optimal performance

Experienced crew refers to a checklist of activities during routine maintenance of AST’s. One of the items on the list is checking the condition of the containment structure, including the valves and pipes. Types of tanks the inspection should be as often as once a month. During maintenance, the inspector also assesses the foundation’s integrity, whether there are cracks on the shell, and if the external coating is adequate to contain leaks.

The AST inspection checklist is necessary for proper storage tank maintenance. Is your storage tank due for inspection?