Essentials of Restoring Crashed Cars: You Need Skills and Tools

car accident

Restoration isn’t just for classic cars. Sometimes crashed cars need more than a repair job so you can use it again. Restoration deals with damages that are not easy to detect. They require a trained eye and tools to know the type and extent of damage. The levels of restoration vary.

Using specialised tools, technicians assess the level of damage. They look at different areas prone to damage and you confirm whether you want to have everything restored or not.

Specialised Tools

Technicians in Perth use specialised tools for accuracy in measurement and framing. For instance, in telling factory paint codes, they use a sensor. This is to accurately match the paint colour used for the car and the paint finish.

The process starts with getting the Vehicle Identification Number. This is to track down paint code, manufacturing dates and other details. Then the technician scans the actual paint finish and the factory paint samples to match them.

This is more accurate and faster than colour matching with the eye. With this tool, technicians can pick the right colour even when it fades over time or after the vehicle sustains damages from a car crash. Perth repair experts also use a tool for mixing paint to identify the right shade based on the scan.


Technicians require training in handling modern cars to know its complex parts well.  Modern cars use and combine different metals and building materials. An advanced knowledge in vehicle construction helps them face this challenging job head on.

In the industry, technicians earn their reliability through training, education and experience. Technicians that lack these skills will not survive the challenges that modern cars pose on repair and restoration. You, as the vehicle owner, should find repair experts who have the tools and the skills.