Extreme Birthday Gifts You Can Give Your New Teenager

Birthday Gifts

Now that your child is about to become a young adult, expect them to undergo changes. There are common interests among those of the same age, though, so you can still give them an exciting birthday gift. If you want to make their birthday memorable this year, consider splurging on the following:

A Makeover

It is simple enough to give them makeup sets or bring them to a high-end salon. Let them choose their look and pay for their haircut and treatment. Bring them to a well-known clothing store to go shopping for outfits and shoes that match their current style. Ask the staff for fashion suggestions if you are both clueless.

Redecorate Their Room

Redesign their room to follow their preferences and interests. Talk to your child about your plans and ask for their input. Order new furniture, appliances, and gadgets and clean their room before their birthday. Add in functional items, such as automatic window blinds, a remote controlled thermostat, or built-in speaker system. If you need further assistance, commission a designer to make the changes in time for your child’s birthday.

Their Secret Wish

For parents who are unaware of their child’s secret wish, they can always ask their kid’s friends. It can be anything from meeting their sports, literary, or idols to travelling to a specific part of the country. If it is within your power to see this dream come true, then make arrangements a few weeks or months before your teenager’s birthday. Make sure you have a camera to record their reactions when they finally get their secret wish.

Your child is now a full-fledged young adult. Make the most of it now that you still have a chance to enjoy their youth and exuberance. Here is hoping that your child birthday becomes a true celebration of the next exciting stages of their life.