Family or Pediatric Dentist: Who is Better for Your Children?

Importance of dental health to kids

Taking your kids to a dentist at a very young age teaches them the importance of taking care of their teeth. It also helps them be less afraid of dentists, which will make it easier for you to convince them to have regular check-ups. However, you may be faced with another problem. Do you go to your family dentist or do your children need a pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentist vs. family dentist

It’s tempting just to bring your kids to your family dentist, so you don’t have to make separate dental appointments. But as a parent, you must think about what’s best for your children, stresses Southridge Pediatric Dentistry. They should be able to have a positive experience with their dentist for them to form a good relationship with each other.

While family dentists can treat patients of all ages, they may not be as well-trained when it comes to handling kids. Their clinics are also not as warm and inviting to kids because of the lack of fun decorations and toys.

On the other hand, pediatric dentists undergo an additional two or three years of training after graduating from dental school. This additional training prepares and teaches them how to treat any dental issue specific to children. It also teaches them how to make children feel comfortable and how to handle their behavior.

Importance of early childhood dental care

Children’s primary teeth are only temporary. But that doesn’t mean they’re not as important as permanent teeth because they will just fall out anyway. Primary teeth are important if you want your kid to have a straight smile later on because they will be the ones to direct permanent teeth into their proper places. Primary teeth also help kids speak and enunciate their words more clearly.

Early detection of any dental health issue helps prevent them from worsening. A pediatric dentist can educate your children at an early age about the importance of oral hygiene in the most fun and comfortable way possible.