Five Beauty Must-Haves for the Whole Year

Large group of generic beauty products

Ladies usually update their beauty arsenal as they do their closet. But just like the wardrobe, you have beauty items that you can use all year round, no matter the season. Here are five beauty products that you have to have in your arsenal, every day of the year.

Tinted Moisturiser with SPF

There are days when you would rather use the extra five minutes snoozing than putting on makeup. On days like that, a tinted moisturiser like a BB Cream with SPF 15 can save the day. Experts at Bali Body emphasise that it provides coverage that gives your skin an even-toned appearance. With its sun protection factor, you can count on the same product to protect your skin from UV damage during both warm and overcast days.


Winter, spring, summer, or fall, your skin needs exfoliation. Dead cells can make the skin look dry and dull, so give your skin a good gentle scrubbing and reveal a smoother layer of skin that makes you look younger and fresher even without any makeup on.

Makeup that Stays On

Smudge-, water-, and transfer-proof lip colour, cheek tint, and eye makeup are wonderful products from makeup heaven. These contain mild ingredients that are gentle on the skin but possess incredible staying power. You can go without a single retouch from half a day to an entire day, which makes it easy for anyone to use makeup.

Dark Coloured, Long-Wear Nail Polish

A great shade of nail polish that lasts for more than a week is the easiest accessory you can wear every day. It also makes you look more sophisticated and can liven up your entire look even with minimal use of accessories.

A Light Floral and Fruity Perfume

Light perfumes work because you can use them during warmer or cooler months, during the day at work, and even on a night out.

Check out your beauty kit and make sure you have all these items handy to keep your look fresh and blooming all year round!