Forget About Direct Applications: The Upsides of Applying through a Recruitment Agency

Job candidates waiting for interview

More often than not, job seekers usually have no idea what is happening in the recruitment market. This means that applicants would most likely apply directly to the Talent Acquisition personnel who only endorse a single company. Instead, they could have just used the services of specialist recruiters from recruitment agencies in Auckland  who work with several employers. Here are other reasons to place your faith in these agencies:

Recruitment agencies come equipped with inside information on the businesses who are hiring

They work with line managers and HR, as well as, manage applicants that come from different companies. A highly networked and properly established agency have access to more job opportunities compared to just the first two pages of Google search results. They will be able to give you the real insight into the culture of the company and the occupation behind the job descriptions.

Recruitment agencies can coach you for the interview

Each company has their interview style and format. They will be able to inform you of want a specific company wants to hear from the candidate and the details they want them to articulate properly. They will ensure that you are ready for your interview, whether it is in the first or final round.

Recruitment agencies will update you on the process

These days, applicants are taught not to follow up with the line manager or HR regarding the status of their application. Meanwhile, the recruitment agency will be able to do so on your behalf. Properly networked agencies commonly have more straightforward access to the decision maker, which reduces time wasted.

These recruitment agencies work with most of the businesses hiring in the market. Instead of applying directly to a single company, have them provide you with the vast options available for your particular skillsets.