Four Proofs Narrow Block Homes are more than just Low Cost Houses

Block Home

With the soaring costs of lots, more and more people are looking for more practical housing options. Narrow lot homes, for instance, are becoming popular for those who are looking to save on cost. However, there’s more to these small houses than just low price.

Here are some of the top benefits of going for narrow lot homes.

Smart and innovative designs

Other than size, clever and modern designs make narrow lot homes different from other more traditional housing types. Space is a very essential element, that’s why the structure is designed in a way that the available space is maximised. Features are mostly limited to that of the owner’s bare essentials. Rooms are equipped with strategic storage, without sacrificing the comforts of a normal home.


This type of housing leaves small ecological footprint, making it an environmentally-friendly option for homebuyers. The idea is to spend only on piece of land that you need, rather than one that is actually way more than what your family needs. Properties are expanded vertically, making it possible to conserve land for other useful applications.

Wide selection of designs

Developers provide a wide range of styles. Whether you want a single- or double-storey property or one with rear access plan, they can present you with a wide variety of options. You can find them in different striking designs and themes, Urban Homes adds.


Most narrow block house plans by Brisbane developers have versatile and highly efficient designs to suit every homeowner’s needs. If you have unique housing requirements and preferences, however, you can have your house customised. Builders can provide you with the most suitable building solution, with respect to your budget style choices.

Narrow block homes aren’t just for the financially challenged people. They’re also for wise homeowners who want to get more value from their properties. Work with a qualified builder so you can have your home built. Make sure your developer complies with the local small lot code to avoid any lawsuit or penalty down the road.