Four Very Useful Tech For Frequent Flyers

A group of friends on a vacation abroad

According to data from the United States Travel Association, 1 out of 9 American jobs depends on travel. In 2016, the number of trips taken for leisure or business totaled 2.2 billion. It is an interesting way to make a living but not necessarily inconvenience free. Here are some common issues travelers face and how technology has helped them cope.

Proximity Sensors for your belongings. This is a good way to secure your valuables on-the-go. You’ll have to purchase an electronic tag which will connect your belongings to your phone via Bluetooth. You’ll get notified if you’re about to leave your keys, document pouches, or luggage behind. It’s very simple tech, but very useful.

Virtual Private Networks

Wi-Fi at airports and travel lounges isn’t secure. Particularly if you’re a lawyer, journalist, or any other profession that handles delicate business-critical information, you’ll want your data to stay secure. Instead of connecting directly to an internet service provider, which can monitor all your activities, VPN tunnel software creates for you a safe pathway where data is encrypted before it reaches its destination. Lurkers will have to decrypt everything coming out of your gadget to make use of the information. Going through the tunnels also conceals your true location. You can access U.S.-only-websites even if you’re sipping a cocktail in some exotic location.

Portable Scanner

The boring side of business involves a truckload of paperwork going back and forth for vetting, confirmation, and approval. A portable Scanner will allow you to facilitate the transfer of documents without having to stop by a business lounge or an office.

Noise cancellation devices

Waiting at airports and finding your way around a new city can be exhausting. When you can find a moment to silence the world and rest, do that. Most experienced travelers won’t leave without noise cancellation headphones because it helps them stay rested, focused and relaxed even outside of their comfort zone.

Technology has always been there to help humans get things done and enjoy life more. Give the above examples a try and have a hassle-free trip.