Giving Your Wall a New Colour: The Secrets of the Pros

Fancy a new colour on your wall to match the holidays? Apart from the traditional red and green, other colours can perfectly match your Christmas decoration, such as brown, blue or white. And as the season comes near you simply cannot afford a professional painter on top of your shopping list.

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so learn the secrets and paint your wall like a pro.

Make it smooth and flawless

After washing your wall, begin by smoothing it with sanding pads or papers. This procedure helps level out patches and flattens ridges around the nail holes. It also removes burrs and other rough spots on the wall.

Sand the wall vertically from the base to the ceiling, and horizontally along the base and the ceiling. For hardwood walls, use sand sponge on the crevices.

Out with the old white primer

Most professional painters use grey or tinted primer that is close to the shade of the new colour. A tinted primer is better at covering the old paint making the new colour more vibrant and will require fewer coats.

Working with a textured ceiling

To avoid getting paint on the lumps of the ceiling, scrape the texture along the edge of the ceiling using a screwdriver. The tips of your paint brush will go into the ridge you scraped.

It is good to load and go

To give you a good start, load about an inch and a half of the bottom of the brush with paint. Tap each side on the container then proceed to paint.

Do not chase the runs

To prevent runs and excess paint in the corners or woodwork, brush a half inch away from the corner or the trim. As it begins to unload, drag it along the trim. Then push the brush slowly and gently against the cut-in area of the walls.

Do not forget to put newspapers or canvass cloths on your floors, cover your furniture and glass-paned windows before painting your walls. Keep the holiday cheer and stay worry-free this season.