For Growing Law Firms: 5 Ways to Attract More Clients Online

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Bates and O’steen are two names every lawyer will always be grateful to. Since the duo’s benchmark case against the state of Arizona, it has become a right of law firms to advertise their practice – albeit under regulations from every state’s respective bar organization. The right covers traditional media, as well as online marketing.

The latter, however, is something most lawyers leverage to its full potential. When your goal is to grow your firm by winning more cases, you need to increase your client base. From the perspective of the people from Lawyer Marketing Expert, you can do that online in five ways:

Website Design and Development

Your website should contain the information potential clients are looking for. At the same time, it should also showcase your credentials and accolades, as well as your areas of practice. It also pays to redesign your website to include rich media, such as videos and infographics, other than the typical portraits of the law firm’s members.

Content Marketing

When publishing content online, you should establish your firm’s reputation as a thought leader. The credibility you get from this practice is priceless.


Recent stories on benchmark cases, proposed legislative measures, and other legal topics will drive more traffic to your website. Harness the practice of newsjacking properly to improve your brand’s reputation and visibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Ranking well on major search engines would definitely bring more people to your website. In effect, this would increase your chances of finding new clients.

Social Media Marketing

Virtually everyone is on social media, so you’re missing out if you haven’t tapped this advertising medium yet. You can start with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter before you venture into other social sites. Social media lets you stay in touch with your clients while growing your audience base over time.

Not because your firm engages in advertising, however, does it mean you have to provide legal advice with what you publish online. No, that’s something you have to give when the client pays for your service.

What you need to deliver here is information that would be of value to your audience base, so that you can establish credibility and attract website traffic. As long as you achieve this in any (or preferably, all) of these ways, your law firm’s online presence – and by extension, client base – will steadily grow.

2 Comments on For Growing Law Firms: 5 Ways to Attract More Clients Online

  1. The Bates & O’steen v. Arizona case was truly a game changer. It’s just fair for lawyers to have the right to advertise their practice, as it’s their freedom to do so. Regulations are justifiable, though, as the last thing we want is to encounter lawyers who oversell themselves.

  2. Content marketing is truly important. Running a simple blog and news section on your website can do the trick. Then again, why confine your practice to that? With social media and other legal portals, you can always venture beyond what your website can provide.

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