Guide to Choosing the Perfect LED Bulbs for the Key Rooms in Your House

LED light

Lighting is essential for every space. Your choice of indoor lighting, however, is not one to be taken lightly. After all, it affects your home’s energy consumption and interior décor.

One way of matching your interior decor and achieving energy efficiency is by using LED lights installed by a licensed electrician in Mansfield, Texas. Clements Electric notes LED lights are energy efficient and available in various colors to suit the décor of different rooms. Here’s a guide to buying the ideal LED bulbs for your home:


A peaceful, relaxed, and calm atmosphere is optimal in the bedroom. Avoid blue light bulbs in your bedroom, as they can interfere with your brain’s production of melatonin, which is essential for a comfortable sleep. If you’re a nighttime reader, however, get neutral or soft blue tones for your reading light bulb, as this creates a good contrast with pages. The ideal brightness level for a bedroom bulb is 1500-4000 lumens.

Home Office

Your bulbs should be able to maximize efficiency in your home office. Cool white lights mimicking daylight are the ideal choice to increase your serotonin levels and keep you alert, energized, and focused. You should install your lights in a position that limits glares on your computer screen. LED desk lamps are also a good solution for task lighting. Bulbs of 3000-6000 lumens are ideal for the home office.

Living Room

You can opt for various wall lighting positions in this room to adapt to various occasions. The positions, however, should not cause glares on your television. Invest in adjustable spotlight lamps to illuminate family photos or artwork. The ideal brightness level for living room bulbs is 1500-3000 lumens.

Most homeowners need some guidelines to stay in the right direction when decorating. These pointers will maximize the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the three crucial rooms of your home. Hire a qualified electrician to help you transform your home with LED lighting today.