Hair Care for Different Types of Hair

women with beautiful hair

Hair care isn’t as easy as it seems. There are a lot of factors to consider for the right kind of care for each type of hair. Hair experts like Kerluxe advise that you give the same amount of attention and TLC to your hair as the rest of your body.

State of Your Hair

When caring for your hair, it’s important to consider factors such as age, condition, and type. It’s also necessary to know what you want to achieve. This helps you focus on what the result should be and start working towards it.

Hair quality, to a certain extent, is related to the age of a person. As you grow older, your body, including your hair, changes. Some people experience baldness while some see less shine, bounce or volume. These are due to not only the ageing process but also a person’s diet or how the body processes food at certain ages.

Straight hair requires more maintenance compared to curly and wavy hair. Coloured, permed, and other kinds of treated hair require more care than natural hair. Treatments, in general, require a lot from hair and damage it in the process.

Concerns and Goals

Common problems include lack of volume, not manageable, breakage and split ends, hair loss, lack of shine, and no vitality. In seeking help with hair care, people would want a soft touch, more shine, volume, density, curls, revitalization or long-lasting colours. Normally, using mild shampoos and conditioners with natural ingredients can help a lot in caring for hair.

However, for hair that needs a lot of help, is damaged or has other concerns, mild shampoos might not be the solution. For instance, frizzy hair should be treated differently from normal hair. This kind of hair is more porous and can absorb moisture from the environmental humidity.

With special attention to all kinds of hair, it would seem that this is a custom solution. Hair care is not a trivial task and if it’s not handled properly, can lead to more damage.