Hammock: An Important Element of Aerial Yoga

Yoga hammock

Yoga has become one of the most popular ways for people to stay in shape. This does not come as a surprise, given the number of benefits this discipline has to offer. Nowadays, people perform yoga not only on mats on the ground, but also while hanging mid-air. The latter form of yoga is referred to as the aerial yoga.

In this type, a hammock is used to suspend the practitioner from mid-air. While hanging from the hammock, the practitioner is required to perform many movements to improve their flexibility and deep stretches. This aerial yoga equipment is made from a high-density nylon material that gives it a silky appearance. The sheet-like fabric is designed to withstand as much as 20000 pounds of weight. With this capacity, you need not worry about falling down suddenly from the hammock when performing aerial yoga.

The Hammock and its Importance

There are two major reasons hammocks are important to aerial yoga. First, the equipment enables you to perform yoga postures while remaining a few inches above the ground. Second, it allows you to move freely while hanging and with less effort as you counter gravitational forces.

Health Benefits

These two functions offer several health benefits to yoga practitioners. These include:

  • helps release muscle and bone tensions
  • increases flexibility
  • enhances blood flow
  • keeps your cardiovascular system healthy
  • enables decompression of the joint
  • enhances muscular strength
  • boosts the endorphin levels in the body
  • improves focus
  • thwarts pain in the back

More Variety

In addition to all these important health benefits, the hammock used in aerial yoga allows the practitioner to perform a greater variety of postures that would be unachievable on the mat. Moreover, the freedom and fluidity experienced while doing asanas from mid-air is impossible when performing yoga on the ground.

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