Heavy-duty as They May Be, You Also Need to Keep a Close Eye on Chains and Fittings

How much do you trust iron chains, fittings and shackles? Now, how often do you look at them for any signs of damage? No matter if they are heavy-duty or not, you need to maintain and check them regularly. While they are durable, they also wear out under certain conditions.

A number of shackle suppliers cite safety as the main reason to monitor these products. That, and a few others, make it necessary to keep a close eye on them.

Deaths in Light Vehicle Towing Incidents

Iron chains and straps are used in towing vehicles. When the weight of the car is beyond the capacity of the shackles, it may cause fatal accidents and death. According to the New Zealand Transport Agency, an average of seven people die every year as a result of light towing incidents gone wrong. The research states that around 45 suffer from injuries because of them.

Incorrect loading is the leading cause of these fatal accidents. Factors such as the weight of the car and the absence of lights contribute to this.

Damages in Cars

Shackles have exposure to damage-causing conditions. Weather elements cause rust and mold growth, and they degrade the quality of the metal. When they come in contact with your car, you may observe small scratches and chipped paint on its surface after. But, that is not the worst. During towing or railway accidents, your vehicle may not even come out usable.

Keeping a Close Eye

Whether or not you are running a towing company, old and damaged shackles can take a toll on you and your car. Familiarise yourself with the carrying capacity and conditions of the metal. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines strictly. If you are calling a towing service, ask about these things.

Heavy-duty as they may be, they can only carry so much. You need to keep a close eye on the things that hold your valuables to ensure safety all the way.