Here’s a Quick All-Season Sprinkler Maintenance Schedule

a sprinkler

Proper expert sprinkler maintenance is key in making sure that your trusty irrigation system does its job in keeping your lawn lush and green throughout the year.

Here’s a seasonal care guide to keep your sprinkler services on track.


We’re putting this on top of the list, as winter is the toughest season for any type of sprinkler system. Making sure that the entire system is dry and that there is no water left in the pipes is the only way to ensure that your sprinkler remains damage-free after the winter.

Any water left in the system will expand as it freezes, and this can cause breakage and damage to the pipes and other components of the system and can be costly to fix. Winterization is an important preventive seasonal maintenance, and you must do this before the onset of winter, ideally towards the end of fall.

Spring Inspection

The time when residential sprinkler systems here in Salt Lake City undergo prepping for its entire summer’s work and perform a dry run for the upcoming season. If some parts or components need fixing or repairing, this is the perfect time to schedule for sprinkler services.

Making sure that the system is working efficiently is important in keeping your lawn in good shape, especially when summers in Salt Lake City get extremely warm.

Summer Upkeep

As the weather begins to warm up, make sure the clock on the sprinklers have been set to the most efficient hours for watering and all other automatic settings, like rain sensors, are in place before the summer hits.

As the weather begins to cool down, you must adjust sprinkler clocks to an earlier watering schedule, and you must reduce watering frequencies to avoid over watering the lawn.

As the temperature drops, the soil begins to retain more moisture, requiring lesser watering frequencies as the fall season rolls in.

It is important to schedule an appointment with the experts in sprinkler maintenance to ensure proper care and thorough check-up of your watering system throughout the year. Keep your maintenance schedule on track with the help of this simple seasonal care guide.