Home Sweet Home: The 4 Places to Childproof Your Home

Children are innocent little beings, so they aren’t aware of the hazards they encounter. A significant number of child accidents actually come from home hazards, however, which could’ve been prevented if parents made enough childproof measures. Keeping your child safe is a priority. Like any parent, you will go to such lengths to keep your child safe and secure. Here are some ideas to help you:

Living Room

The living room has many appliances in it, like the TV and entertainment system. Be sure to fix all the wirings, so that your child will not trip or strangle themselves accidentally. Cover all open sockets with outlet plugs to prevent your child from touching them. Keep everything out of reach, so they cannot push and cause appliances to fall and break.


This is one of the most dangerous places a child could wander to when unattended. When doing renovations, Eastbay Builders Ltd. and other home contractors suggest changing the layout or adding something that will keep them away. Using cabinet child locks is a good idea, as well. You can store all toxic materials and other harmful items without worrying about anyone finding them. Keep your knives and other sharp objects on the top shelf, so that your kids will not be able to reach it.


The bathroom has products that can be dangerous when played with and ingested, even shampoos and soaps, so put them in a high shelf. In fact, it’s better to close the door at all times to make sure they won’t go in and slip accidentally. When it comes to taking a bath, it’s best to always keep an eye and never leave them alone.

Probably one of the most effective methods of protection is educating your child on what things are dangerous in your home. Prevention is always better. Keeping your child safe is the main goal of being a parent, so make sure you foolproof your home.