Hotel Guests Appreciate Comfortable Beds and Clean Sheets More than Luxury Features

If given a choice, and if budgets permit, hotel guests who’ve never stayed in 5-star hotels will choose to stay in one and relish the luxurious accommodations. Price and grandeur aren’t reliable gauges of service quality, though, as recent studies prove. High-end hotels can also make mistakes and earn the ire of their guests.

So, what really makes a guest happy? Their satisfaction often comes down to the basics — and the most basic of hotel services is providing a clean, comfortable bed for guests to sleep in.

Uncomfortable Beds are the Third Worst Thing in Hotels

It’s common knowledge that hotel guests absolutely don’t like dirty sheets; and now, surveys and social experiments are backing these assumptions.

The Qualtrics Hotel Pain Index Study 2017 revealed that cleanliness is the primary concern of hotel guests. Out of 1,000 respondents, 66% said a dirty room translates to a bad hotel experience for them. Interestingly, unfriendly hotel employees almost tied with uncomfortable beds at 57% and 56%, respectively.

Clean Beds Attract Return Guests

Hoteliers are correct to assume that special perks, like a complimentary spa session or a full-service kitchen, encourage guests to return. But aside from sourcing hotel mini-fridge suppliers or investing in a hotel spa, hoteliers should also invest in excellent bed sheets.

As the results of the Qualtrics survey suggest, providing high-quality beddings should be a key concern to hoteliers. Besides, purchasing bed sheets — and keeping them clean — is very practical and cost-effective. Some guests may not enjoy the free, pocket-sized bottles of vodka or use the mini-fridge, but all of them will use the bed. Securing their satisfaction on this score goes a long way to boosting their overall satisfaction of the hotel.

Starline, a leading provider of hotel supplies in New Zealand, believes that although guests can be subjective about how they rate their stay, hotels can still influence their rate of satisfaction. By providing very good facilities and amenities — comfortable beds and mini-fridges included — hospitality businesses can create a positive and appealing impression on guests.