Hottest Interior Design Trends You Definitely Must Try

Futuristic, woodworks, patterns, contrasts, antiques; you name it—professionals who specialise in interior design in Perth have got it covered. Just because it’s trendy and in style doesn’t mean you have to get it done, though. You should always think of the final product. Interior design trends will always keep changing, but here are some details about the latest in case you are interested:

Myriad of Blues

Blue is everywhere and it looks good to see countless shades of it in the same room. Imagine beryl, cobalt, azure, teal, and sapphire bouncing off each other into an ocean of eclectic design. If you want to go for a monotonous but elegant approach, navy blue can be calming and rich at the same time.


From the Outside In

More manufacturers and designers are crafting outdoor designs for the interiors. Unexpected ideas and bespoke designs are getting the hype these days. You’ll be surprised at how well this seemingly unusual trend looks in the living room.

Classy Brass

Brass can be borderline tacky, but not if you use it the right way. Designers have looked at some designs to determine what doesn’t work so they could add a modernized twist to brass-ware. If the idea is great, brass can actually look classy and timeless. These are commonly seen in the kitchen, lamp stands, bathtubs, and ornamental pieces.

Faded Woods

Light toned woods can add a refreshing look to just about anything, anywhere. Cherry and oak are the most popular choices today because of their durability and aesthetic appeal. Don’t sacrifice quality over cost, though. It’s better to get an exquisite piece you can enjoy for a long time.

Compatible Contrasts

Combining two sets of colours screams exciting versatility. Choose a base hue and find an accent to complement it. Go for contrasting elements such as bright over undertones to really bring the room to life.

Redesigning your home’s interiors is always exciting. Just keep in mind that combining what you like and what will make your home more beautiful should always be the goal.