How to Choose a Loft Conversion Company to Work With

Home Improvement

Going through a loft conversion project is pretty tough yet exciting. You will get a new room or space in your home, which is amazing.

However, when it comes to loft conversions and room extensions, you need to consider a couple of things. One of these things is finding the right loft conversion company to work with. You want the project to be a huge success. Hence, this article will discuss the things that you should look for in a loft conversion company.

Look for their Accreditations

Qualified companies should have accreditations from specific associations in the UK. One thing that you should ask them is if they are a NIC EIC approved contractor. The government requires every loft conversion company to be a part of this association, so if they are not, then they are most probably running an illegal business. You should also look for their FMB associate membership, as this is the largest trade organisation in the UK.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask your family and friends for recommendations if you are looking for a reputable loft conversion company. They most probably know a great company that has done conversions before, so go ahead and ask about their experience with the company. Get the phone number, e-mail, and other contact details of the company that they are recommending so that you can call them up and ask some questions.

Look for an Office, a Telephone Number, and a Website

Most legal and accredited loft conversion companies should have a physical office, a telephone number of their own, and a website. Also, knowing their physical address is a great way to track them down when anything goes wrong.

If you go for a company that is not registered or accredited, then you won’t have anything to fight for when something goes wrong with the project.

Look around and see which company can give you the best results with your future loft conversion. Good luck!