How to Choose the Right Shears for Haircutting in 3 Ways

Woman trimming hair

Even professional hairdressers find themselves in a difficult position when choosing the right hair-cutting scissors. It can sometimes be confusing as one would have to think about many factors, including the size, form, cost, and so forth.

Here are tips on finding the right type of swivel scissors for hair cutting.

1. The size of the scissors matter

When it comes to the size of the scissors, your personal preference really does matter. Try a pair of short ones and a pair of long ones and see which one you like the most. The scissors’ length can be measured from the tip of the blade up to the end of the longest finger hole.

Put a pair of scissors on your palm, with the finger hole touching the base of your thumb. The scissors’ tip must reach in the last section of your middle finger. If it does, then that is the perfect and ideal size of shears for you.

2. Consider your dominant hand

There are two types of shears you can buy from the market: those for left-handed people and those for right-handed people. Consider what your dominant hand is and base the shears from that.

This will give you a better grip and will make you much more comfortable when it comes to giving your customers a haircut.

3. Choose the screw system

If you want a pair of shears that you can loosen up to maximise comfortability, then opt for a pair that you can adjust with a screwdriver.

There are also a couple of scissors on the market that has an adjustable screw, which you can tighten or loosen well without needing a screwdriver. Stylists find this easier to use and a lot more convenient.

There are many types of scissors out there. All you have to do is do your research, and you are off to a good start. Enjoy hunting for your new pair!