How to Freshen Up the Look of Your Living Room

Creating a modern living space is all about the small details and using practical design materials that you can change up or re-arrange easily anytime you want to create a new look. Let’s explore three brilliant ways to give your living space a fresh new look.

Spruce up the fireside.

The fireplace usually draws a lot of attention, being one of the more visible fixtures in the living room. Make it an interesting focal point by giving it a contemporary look. A minimalist design with only a few pieces of accessories creates a modern vibe, while antique wrought iron fireplace screens lend an artsy industrial effect to it.

If you are looking to install a fireplace in a small area in the home with a completely modern look, go for a customized room pillar fireside design. You can find contemporary fireplace designers in Salt Lake City who specialize in these unique fireside designs.

Bring nature in.

Soften the look of your room with the use of plants. Place them in contemporary Italian planters for an up-to-date, modern look. Plants inside the home serve a double purpose: a beautiful natural design element and a natural air purifier. The touch of greenery lends a fresh look that instantly transforms the space and helps filter toxins in the air inside the room.

Use some color and lighting.

If you like to maintain a neutral look for your living space but would like to bring in a little bit of color, you can hang a colorful painting instead of repainting the walls. Place sleek, colorful accessories in corners or on tabletops to liven up the room. It can be an accent chair, a set of transparent vases, or a few colorful throw pillows.

Lighting also instantly brightens up the room. Place a lampshade on the side table or on a console table within the living area to create a warm and bright comfortable space.

Use these ideas to turn your living space into a stunning work of art. Work with natural and colorful accent pieces and customized designs that reflect your personal taste and style.