HVAC Problems: 5 Air Conditioning Noises That Could Mean Trouble

When your HVAC unit is functioning properly, it’s quiet and some of the sounds, such as whirring and slight humming, you hear are normal. But specific noises could indicate that your unit requires professional inspection. It’s important to identify the problems and their causes, so you can take the necessary actions.

Here are some of them:

Loud Bangs, Clanks, Thumps, and Rattles

These noises typically signal an issue with the motor or blower assembly. Rattles normally indicate that a component is loosening and this should be repaired before the component breaks down completely. If you hear louder bangs when the blower is operating, turn off your unit as this could mean a component has already come loose or has broken.

Abnormal Screeches and Squeals

Unusual squeals from the motor could mean a malfunctioning belt or issues with the motor bearing. Belts need repair or replacement before they get broken because if they break, the blower will also fail.

Unusual Thwaps

Rapid thwapping noises might indicate that there’s something stuck in the blades or something inside the enclosure is getting in the way of the blower as it turns. While this noise isn’t that critical, the motor might wear out early because of the resistance created by the debris or obstruction.

Rattles from the Exterior Fan Unit and Compressor

Your exterior fan unit shouldn’t rattle, period. Otherwise, your motor might be failing or there’s a loose component inside. If you hear a screaming rattle, your compressor might already be failing. A distinct humming sound could also mean a malfunctioning motor or a problem with the starting capacitor.

Recurrent Clicks

Air conditioning repair specialists from Legacy Heating & Air explain that clicks are normal if your air conditioning unit cycles on and off. But if you’re hearing recurrent clicks from the exterior compressor or control panel, a relay might be malfunctioning. An electrical control might likewise be contributing to the relay failure or timeout.

In the event that you hear your HVAC system spouting noises that seem out of the ordinary, there might be something wrong with it. It’s better to turn it off and have a professional look at it.