Ideas Via Video: The 4 Ways People Can Use Video

camera man filming

It has been decades since video first came into popularity, but it still has not lost its purpose. People still use it to document aspects of their daily lives — be it birthdays or weddings. Companies still use it to advertise their products on TV. Finally, the film industry still uses it for their art. What this shows is that a lot of things and ideas that can be expressed through video. Here are some examples:


As explains, animated videos entertain people regardless of age. While cartoons and children may come to mind when you think of animation, it can actually be used for purposes more suited to adult humour. This could be comedic, dramatic, or anywhere in between.

Tourism Ads

Tourism is all about selling the features of a place to a traveller. What better way to convince them than to show the place through video? With video, the photos they see of the destination come to life, and they get a better picture of how it would feel once they set foot in the place. This is what video does with tourism ads.

Event Promotions

Events have usually been promoted through billboards, flyers, or posters to persuade every passer-by. With video, audiences could be hyped more instead of just seeing images. For example, a video about a sports team competing in an event could be more exciting than having this on a poster.

Movie Trailers

Finally, movie trailers are another way of hyping up audiences through video. The trailer better conveys what the movie has in store for those watching. It also is able to tease audiences to compel them to watch the whole thing, which something audio or photo could not do well.

People and companies have been using video to document places, events, and stories. This is why you see movie trailers, tourism ads, or event promos on TV. Thanks to video, ideas are expressed more clearly and leave more impact on its viewers.