Important Elements in Recording a Live Event

camera phone recording live eventMany things can happen at an event. At any given moment, several people might do something noteworthy. If you have several photographers, covering the entire venue will be easier. However, when it comes to video, you’ll have hours of footage if you cover every minute detail.

This is where professionals come in: to document the event in a way that you see all the important aspects without making the video too long and boring. Here are some of the elements professional videographers consider in live video production :

Main Stage

In the case of live performances or keynote speeches, it’s easy to see where the main stage and the main performers are. They will take up most of the footage, as they provide the bulk of the entertainment. It could be a band singing cover songs or performing their original set. It could be the CEO delivering a speech on new company policies or product launch. It could be a retiring employee or the hosts of an awards night.

There should be cameras focused on them at all times, so the video production team will have the best parts of the show to include in the final edit.

Key Players

The video will not contain just footage of the main stage. You might see some shots of the crowd or audience, especially if there are noteworthy individuals in attendance. Producers, colleagues, and even well-known personalities can make it to the recording of the live event. They don’t need to do anything attention-grabbing; their mere presence is enough.

Candid Reactions

Between the main stage performance and clips of well-known personalities in the audience, there should be room for candid and honest reactions about the show. This is where you see someone nodding along with the points presented in an engaging presentation. An individual could be dancing along to a well-loved hit being performed on stage. Someone might be laughing at a joke. They show the mood of the audience and show what exactly happened in the room during the live performance.

While the event is happening, your eyes are trained on one thing at a time. A well-documented live event will give you an insight into everything else you might have missed while you were living in the moment.