Improve the Health of Your Horses in 3 Simple Ways

two horses eating hay

A healthy horse may be identified by the condition of its grooves, coat and overall strength. Horses that complete races in record times are often under a well-monitored diet and a comfortable habitat. On the other hand, horses living under strenuous conditions are less likely to even complete a race.

Controlled Feeding

The strength of horses is determined by the quality of their feeding. Horses should be put on a controlled diet from their birth just like calves, which should be given calf feed that’s fortified with minerals to enable them to form strong bones from an early age. While horses are allowed to feed on hay, the grass should be carefully inspected to ensure that there are no harmful weeds that may poison them.

Safe Habitat

Horses are sensitive. They respond to stresses in their environment, which may result in a decline in their performance. That may be catastrophic if they are to feature in a race. Horses should be kept in a stable that will provide shelter against high temperatures during the day and strong winds during cold nights. The stable should not be fenced using barbed wire to reduce the chances of the horses getting injured.

General Grooming

It’s important to give your horses some TLC too. That may be in the form of grooming, which helps to keep their coats in good condition. During grooming, you’ll also be able to identify any injuries sustained by the horse on its skin or in the grooves of its hooves. Horses may also be sprayed regularly with insecticides to eliminate any parasites that may have attached to their body.

The performance of your horses on the raceway will be determined by the level of care you accord it. It’s important that you control their feeding and provide them with a safe habitat.