Improve Your Home’s Resistance Against Earthquakes

crack in the wall

It is estimated that 90 percent of all the world’s earthquakes happen in the Pacific Ring of Fire. Since New Zealand is in the southern part of this massive earthquake belt, there is always a risk of earthquakes in the country. Many homeowners make sure that their houses are strong enough to withstand most earthquakes. Here are some things that can make your house durable when an earthquake occurs.

Hire a pile driving contractor

Pile driving is one of the most effective ways for homes to have a strong foundation. The piles driven into the ground displace the soil but also make it compact. This will enhance the bearing capacity of the soil. This gives the foundation a solid base and the ability to support heavier loads. In Waikato, there are many pile driving contractors that will help you plan and build a strong foundation for your home.

Check the local building council for requirements

All building works should comply with the Building Code, and any alterations or renovations should follow the regulations, and any deviation is subject to penalties and charges.  Your contractor should know the new Building Regulations and help you complete the documentation and requirements set by your local council.

Use foundation bolting

Add bolts to improve the connections between the building’s frames and its foundation.  You could add these bolts on the sill into the concrete foundation. Homeowners should use the right type of bolt based on the current condition of the house’s foundation.

Use wall bracing

You can retrofit your home to prepare for an earthquake when you use wall bracing for your walls.  You could place plywood in a lengthwise direction to the wall frame. You should also brace all sides of your house to make it more durable during an earthquake. It is best to ask professional contractors on how much of your wall to brace, as over-bracing often results in unnecessary costs and less flexibility.

Make sure that necessary steps are done to improve the safety of your house. When you live in a place like Waikato, you need to prepare for all the possibilities that Nature will send you.