Is it Time for a New Haircut?

Hairdresser cutting woman's bangs hair in shop

If you haven’t been in a salon for months, you may be wondering if you need a new haircut. This is different from trimming, as a haircut requires a major change in your hairstyle. Trimming, on the other hand, is all about keeping your current hairstyle in shape and manageable. If the style of your tresses doesn’t work for your lifestyle anymore, you probably need a haircut.

Hairdressers in Tauranga share the other signs you might need a new cut:

Hairstyling takes a lot of time.

If your daily hair routine suddenly becomes time-consuming, you’re due for a cut. Having tresses that require constant detangling and application of moisture products are clear signs that you need to see a hairdresser. Getting a haircut can give life to your locks and make them look healthy.

You always wear your hair up.

Wearing your hair up can be a saviour if you have dull and frizzy hair. The sad part is doing this daily can lead to fraying and breakage. This is especially true if you wear the exact same ponytail every day. A new haircut can make your tresses full of life, so you won’t have to wear it up always.

Your hair has no shape.

You’re in need of a haircut if your locks look dull and flat. The same is also true if your short hair starts looking awkward. You can ask your hairdresser about a haircut that suits your face shape or a style that is easy to maintain (if you have a busy lifestyle).

You have lots of split ends.

Having split ends means that you’ve waited too long to see a hairdresser. The recommended maintenance period is six to eight weeks, so if you have been to a salon for several months now, you can benefit from a new hairstyle. This can give you a fresh and energetic look.

Don’t let your hair go frizzy and lifeless. You are likely to feel more confident and beautiful with a hair that looks bouncy and healthy.